Prescribed / Appropriate Classroom Attire for Individual Classes

Our dance classes have a uniform, with almost all items conveniently available at the studio. Parents must purchase the required dance attire with the Coastal Dance Centre logo to ensure consistency and uniformity.

Why is there a dress code at Coastal Dance Centre?

It’s important for students abide by a dress code policy for the following reasons:

  1. A large part of being a dancer is what a student wears to class and how it creates a more focused dancer.
  2. A uniform leotard and tights make it possible for the teachers to see the dancer’s alignment and body in order to make the proper adjustment, placement and corrections to the body.
  3. Young dancers can be distracted by their own dance wear. Tutus, skirts and jewelry become their focus instead of the teacher. Jewelry can be dangerous especially when it gets entangled with another dancer.
  4. The different colored uniforms represent growth into the next level of dance and give dancers a goal to get to the next level.
  5. Learning to work together as a group can be achieved more easily when distractions of different (patterned and colorful) dance wear are eliminated.
  6. Choreography is easier for instructors when dancers are dressed the same.
  7. Young dancers especially understand that they are going to a structured class.

For the required attire for the classes, please see the Front Office Staff.