The Spring Festival of Dance 2017

Congratulations to all our amazing Coastal Dance Centre students and Coastal Youth Ballet Theatre company members who all danced beautifully at our Spring Festival of Dance 2017! Well done!!!

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To all our dance parents and family members: Thank you for your love
and continued support!

To our Spring Festival of Dance Production Team: Thank you to for the wonderful support and collaboration. We did it! 

Over-all Direction and Coordination:
Liza Mata

Artistic Staff:
Liza Mata, Karen Mata, Michele Selvanto-Kowalski, Danielle Espana,
Amy Holly, Kiely Clark

Office Staff:
Sandra Hucks, Peggy Pitoscia, Sharon James, Kiely Clark, Sona Handlova

Music Research, Editing and Recording:
Glenn Mata

Glenn Mata, Paul Mata

Souvenir Program Book Graphics and Lay-out:
Glenn Mata, Liza Mata

Souvenir Program Book Ad Solicitation:
Peggy Pitoscia

Website Lay-out and Updates:
Erwin Mata

Transport and Load-in, Set-up & Strike:
Greg Mata, Matt Stoddard, Glenn Mata, Robert Crum,
John Rose, Matthew Cox, Erwin Mata, Paul Mata

Lighting Design:
Matthew Bradford

Sound Tech:
Glenn Mata

Custom Multi Media Solutions

Beach Church Staff:
Jeanne Westerby, Eric Westover, Eric Willis

Check-in & Check-out Monitors:
Sharon James, Peggy Pitoscia

Stage Management:
Karen Mata, Danielle Espana, Amy Holly, Michele Kowalski, Kiely Clark

Matt Stoddard, Erwin Mata

Backstage Volunteer Coordination:
Sona Handlova

Backstage Volunteers:
Chrissy Becker, Jennifer Cox, Caryn Coury, Ulitza Kronemeyer, Tiffany Nichols,
Carina Obiena, April Stoddard, Michelle Pitoscia, Rhona Williams

Front of House Coordination:
Sandra Hucks

Front of House Support:
Liz Belda, Rene Bernacchi, Vara Dionne, Terry Dudevoire,
Rhett, Tara and Brock Fowler, Marian Pavy, Karen McCrummen,
Marie Silfer, Patty Mulligan Woltz


Thank you to the following lovely ladies for their heartwarming messages:

From M
rs. Amber Rogers (Kaylee’s mom):

“Liza, Karen, and team – 
I know that last night’s performance went later than you were hoping, but it was FANTASTIC and worth staying out late for. I can’t thank you all enough for all of the time, energy, and dedication that you put into our children all year, and that I know went in to last night’s performance!”

From Mrs. Dawn Kinard (Samantha’s mom):

Ms. Liza,  I enjoyed the Spring Festival of Dance so much! I want to thank you for all that you do; your time, your dedication, and your heart that you put into each student. We are truly blessed to be a part of


From Missy Harold Lannom (she is from Virginia; she attended our Summer Adult Ballet and Tap classes last year and will be back again this summer!):

“Liza, The drive from Virginia was worth it to see your Spring Production. The technical ballet instruction you provide was evident in your beautiful, clean ballet dances. You and your staff are remarkable!”

From Marie Silfer (Molly’s mom):
“Thank you for everything!! You do an awesome job. Loved the show- it’s so fun to see the other dances we don’t see during the ballets.” 


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