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I would like to enroll my child at Coastal Dance Centre and I am new to Coastal Dance Centre, how do we start?

New to Coastal Dance Centre, Students Ages 3 -7
New students ages 3 – 7 years do not need to do a placement class. Check out the schedule of classes and once you have determined the appropriate class and schedule for your child’s age (based on the age of the child by January 1st), you can go ahead and register Online through our Parent Portal or in person at our Front Office.

New to Coastal Dance Centre, Students Ages 8 and Older
New students enrolling in ballet classes from ages 8 and up / with previous experience must take a level placement class before registering for classes. To arrange for a schedule to come for a placement class, please call our Front Office staff during office hours at (843) 839-5678 or (843)651-2006.

New/prospective students: Please note that CDC Ballet Technique class levels do not necessarily correspond with the class levels offered at other dance schools. All age recommendations and level placements are at the discretion of the CDC Teaching Staff and subject to the approval of the Artistic Director.

Level Placement for Returning Students
Returning RAD students:
All returning Coastal Dance Centre students who have taken and passed the RAD examination in the previous dance year are to register for the next level.

Students who are in the Pre-School levels / Open Ballet classes / or students who have not participated in the previous year’s RAD examinations or in the supplemental classes may see or contact the Front Office staff for class recommendations.

Do you offer a Trial Class?
Yes, we do. A trial class is an opportunity for ​the student to become familiar with our dance school, the class structure, meet peer students and feel how it is to be in the studio environment. A one-time trial class is offered to students who wish to enroll in any of Coastal Dance Centre’s recreational classes.

If you wish for your child to take a trial class. the best thing to do is to call our Front Office staff. Our staff member will then ask you a few questions about your child’s age, prior training (if any), etc. and will recommend the appropriate level and class for your child to try.

  • This is a One-Time offer of a trial class and not to be used for multiple classes.
  • The trial class fee is $15.00 for a 30-minute, 45-minute, or 1-hour classes  
  • The trial class fee will be credited towards the first session’s tuition if registering within 10 days of taking the trial class.

What is a Level Placement Class?
A placement class will allow the teacher to assess the student among his/ her peers and then make the best recommendation for the appropriate level placement that will be beneficial to the student’s learning and growth. The teachers will provide the best recommendation based on their performance in the class, age and ability and will inform Front Office Staff or the child’s parent after this class. There is a level placement fee of $20.00.

Registration Information:
*Once the appropriate level has been determined for your child, you can go ahead and register Online through our Parent Portal or in person at our Front Office.

*Parents / Students must complete the online registration form and submit the appropriate payment prior to the student attending the first class.

  • You are registering for the entire dance year. The FALL-WINTER-SPRING Term runs from August 21, 2016 – June 10, 2018.
  • There is a $30.00 Registration Fee for one student or $50.00 Registration Fee per Family (two or more students in the family, living in the same household).
  • Registration fees are non-refundable.
  • Registration fee is due at the time of registration and is valid for the dance year beginning from August 21, 2017 through the Summer Term ending on August 4, 2018.
  • New students who register in the Summer of 2018 have to pay a registration fee of $15 which is valid only through the Summer Term ending on August 4, 2018.
  • Tuition is paid in ten four-week sessions and is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • The SCHEDULE OF TUITION SESSIONS and ADDITIONAL FEES can be obtained through the Front Office.
  • No refunds are given for classes missed due to illness, vacation, school closings, or acts of nature such as inclement weather.
  • Sessions 1, 5 and 8 are pro-rated sessions to reflect weeks the studio is closed for classes.
  • The year-end Spring Festival of Dance rehearsal on June 9, 2018 and performance on June 10,2018 will serve as the last classes of the FALL-WINTER-SPRING session for all dancers.
  • The SUMMER Term is from June 18 – August 4, 2018.
  • Tuition is paid via auto draft from a credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express) or debit card. Your payments will be made automatically on the Friday prior to the start of the new session throughout the 2017-2018 Dance Year.
  • Each session’s tuition and additional scheduled fees will be deducted on the Friday prior to the start of the new session. All registrants wanting to pay by cash, check, or alternate credit card must do so by the Monday prior to the start of the new session, or tuition will be charged to the payment information on file.
  • Proof of payment will appear on your CDC account. Families can view their account balances and posting of payments through the Parent Portal.

For Tuition rates and other Financial information, see or call the Front Office.

Coastal Dance Centre Information Handbook
Parents and students must carefully read and discuss the Coastal Dance Centre Information Handbook outlining our code of conduct, guidelines, and policies. (This is available at the Front Office.) All students and parents must sign the Handbook Affirmation Form (found at the end of the Handbook) confirming that you have read, understood and agree to the policies set forth within the Handbook.

What is the Recreational Program? 

The Recreational program offers classes for students who wish to take dance for exercise, coordination, discipline and fun and in the process, students achieve an understanding and appreciation of the art form. Students meet once or twice a week and prepare for the annual year-end Spring Festival of Dance performance in June.

What is the Pre-Professional Program?

The Pre-Professional Program is intended for the more serious ballet students. It requires the highest level of commitment. This program is either by audition or by invitation. Each level has a specific class attendance requirement, increasing in number as the levels progress.

The Pre-Professional Program prepares students for future acceptance to the professional dance schools /or university programs, or simply for students to continue to improve their skills progressing on to higher levels.

Training under the Pre-Professional Program provides the opportunity to participate in the school’s performing company which is the Coastal Youth Ballet Theatre. Performing opportunities other than the school’s year-end Spring Festival of Dance performance, participation in the holiday production of The Nutcracker and the story ballet productions, gala concerts, outreach and civic /community performances.

Students in the Pre-Professional Program / CYBT may also be invited by the artistic staff to prepare to compete in the ballet competitions such as the Youth America Grand Prix and World Ballet Competition.

Students interested to apply to the Pre-Professional Program, please contact us at (843) 651-2006 or (843) 839-5678 or email us at info@coastaldancecentre.com.

        What are the performance opportunities for Coastal Dance Centre students?

The Nutcracker 

Coastal Dance Centre students beginning at the Pre–Primary Ballet and higher level / students who are not members of Coastal Youth Ballet Theatre, are invited to participate as cast members of the annual full-length production of The Nutcracker and the spring production. Students who wish to participate in these performances must join the auditions. (The appropriate audition information will be sent out to all the CDC families and will be posted in the CYBT website: www.coastalyouthballettheatre.org.)

This optional commitment allows students to have an incredible, comprehensive theatre experience as part of a professional production. Students will learn choreography that integrates their role into the overall performance. The resulting concert is a cohesive production presented in a local, professional level stage setting with lighting, sets and costumes and the dancers and guests of the Coastal Youth Ballet Theatre.

Registration and participation commitment contracts are sent out to prospective participants in order to participate in the performances.



The Spring Festival of Dance

Participation in this year-end performance generally held in early June is highly encouraged. The performance is a perfect opportunity for all CDC students to perform the repertoire they have rehearsed in the classes and incorporate technique, stage presence, musicality and performance style in the theater setting.

Rehearsal and performance dates are scheduled on June 9 and 10, 2018 at the Beach Church Auditorium in Myrtle Beach. 


       Do you compete? What are the competition opportunities for your students?

Coastal Dance Centre students who are interested in joining competitions must have a higher level of commitment and dedication as training hours increase, and physical and emotional preparation is necessary. Competitions require a one-on-one training for those who wish to compete individually and separate rehearsals are required of those who are in the ensemble groups.

Private lessons and competition entry fees are involved as well as travel and accommodation expenses for those who compete outside of the Myrtle Beach area.



Whether students are taking ballet as a recreational activity or will eventually pursue pre-professional training, classes are open to everyone, provided they have been appropriately placed in a level that matches ability and maturity.

Students in the lower Ballet levels follow a curriculum to develop coordination, musicality, strength and a familiarity of structure for growth and retainment.

Students in the upper Ballet levels continue to work on their technique and development  artistry, pointe and variations classes. Aside from the Pointe and Variations classes, upper level students are encourage to supplement their ballet technique with additional styles such as Contemporary / Lyrical, Jazz, Tap, Acro Dance and Musical Theater to strengthen and improve themselves.


       Interested to Join Coastal Youth Ballet Theatre as a company member?

Many young girls and boys dream of becoming the future stars of tomorrow, but only very few are prepared to apply the all-out effort and make the sacrifices that this dream demands.

Coastal Youth Ballet Theatre, Coastal Dance Centre’s performing company, welcomes the most talented and determined young dancers to join the roster of company members of Coastal Youth Ballet Theatre.

CDC’s and CYBT’s year-round Pre-Professional Training and Performance Program aim to ensure that high caliber training and performance opportunities are available to the exceptionally talented youth who will mature into the next generation of great performing artists.

Coastal Dance Centre students who are currently enrolled in the ballet classes and who are interested in becoming a company member of Coastal Youth Ballet Theatre must sign-up to audition.

Auditions are generally held in May. Once accepted, the student is placed in a company division and is required to attend the summer intensive. During the regular dance year, weekly attendance in a prescribed set of ballet classes, supplemental dance classes and week-end rehearsals are required.  The focus is on intense training involving technique classes and many hours of rehearsals in preparation for company productions, community performances and competitions (only if applicable). Excellent attendance and a high degree of commitment are necessary to remain in this program.

Students who are accepted are placed in the appropriate company division:

  • * Junior Apprentice Level – ideally at age 8 years and upwards
    * Apprentice Level – ideally at age 10 and upwards
    * Junior Company Level – ideally at about ages 11 – 15 years
    * Senior Company Level – ideally at about ages 14 – 17 years

 If you aspire and are interested to be part of this select group of dedicated and talented young people, email us at coastaldancecentre.com or call (843)839-5678 or (843) 651-2006.