This is the schedule of classes at Coastal Dance Centre’s Murrells Inlet location. Please note that for all dance classes have a minimum number of students that is required to make it viable for the school to continue running the session. We ask that you sign up and register for the classes right away to let us know what classes in the published schedule would be feasible and confirmed to proceed with. If a class should be removed from the Coastal Dance Centre schedule, students will be placed in another appropriate class. We will make every attempt to limit changes to this schedule, however, based upon instructor availability and/or class size, we reserve the right to cancel and/or make any necessary changes to class times, days, and/or instructors.

If you are interested in signing up for a class that is not published here, please email us right away to let us know of your interest and we will evaluate if there is the possibility to create a class depending on the demand for this type of class, available times and instructors.

For information on Tuition and other related fees, please call us at 843-651-2006 or 843-839-5678, or email

For the schedule of classes at the Market Common location, click here.


Open Ballet Classes

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